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checkmark Nutrition
  • Learning healthy food choices.

  • Learning healthier ways to prepare meals and cooking.

  • Learning healthier menu options and portion sizes.

  • Learning about food labels and the food pyramid.

  • Includes cooking techniques.

  • Guided by registered dietitians and nutrition educators.

checkmark Exercise
  • Learning fun ways to be active.

  • Learning activities such as

    • Zumba
    • Latin Aerobics
    • Hip Hop, Latin dance
    • Yoga
    • Stretching
    • Circuit Training
    • Interval Training
    • Self Defense
    • Sports
    • Fun Games

  • Guided by nationally certified fitness experts.
checkmark Counseling
  • Learning the importance of being "unique".

  • Learning to identify positive body size.

  • Learning to accept our own bodies.

  • Learning ways to enhance self-esteem.

  • Learning to recognize media influences and peer pressure to be a certain weight.

  • Guided by a child psychologist and psychology students.

BOUNCE Healthy Lifestyle Summer Program
Department of Psychological, Health, and Learning Sciences, University of Houston, 3657 Cullen Blvd. Rm #491, Houston TX 77204-5029